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Vision: Increase financial literacy in India, help you improve your personal finances by virtue of astute financial planning and provide cutting edge unbiased stock research.

The face behind the show:

I am an IT Delivery Manager by profession [Link to my Corporate profile – http://www.linkedin.com/in/abalakrishnan].

I am also a Certified Personal Financial Adviser (CPFA) and a CFA Level II candidate.  I also write at the US based website http://seekingalpha.com/user/689315/instablog. Investment Advisory and Stock picking have been my favourite hobby for as long as I have had a corporate career which has turned into a passion over the last few years.

With over a decade of consulting experience in personal financial advice, budgeting, financial planning I have learned that anyone can attain financial freedom by following a simple set of rules and by sticking to those rules. However, it is not a magic formula.

By understanding the basic financial concepts I cover and taking the financial advice I offer for your personal finances, you have a good chance of building wealth, saving money and succeeding financially.

You can use this blog in 2 ways – one for personal financial advice for overall wealth management and the other for security specific research. The research is backed by very strong data analysis with full disclosure of all conflict of interests based on the highest ethics. Wishing you all good luck in this journey.

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NOTE: Please note that I do not display any advertisements on this website. Monetizing through such advertisements is not an intent of this website – just pure fact based Financial Planning and cutting edge stock research is. If you like this site share us on Facebook and Twitter and also email the link to your friends. Join me in my journey to increase financial literacy in India!

I offer Comprehensive Financial Planning services. You will surely like the practical financial plan that I produce taking into consideration your individual circumstance. There is no conflict of interest in the planning and you will be free to invest in specific products that I recommend through a channel partner of your choice. Do give this a try – email me: anand.balakrishnan@yahoo.com


12 Responses to About

  1. Asav Patel says:

    Today only I accidentally visited your blog. It’s amazing.
    Your posts are truly amazing. I really appreciate your efforts.

    I am Asav Patel, a personal finance blogger from Ahmedabad and run my blog MyJourneyToBillionaireClub.com

    I also run a personal finance forum – Investta.com where lots of Indians visit daily to discuss various issues of personal finance.

    I am heartily invite you to kindly join my forum Investta.com and share your thoughts and reviews in various discussions.

    It will be your great help to fullfill my mission of spreading financial awareness among all the Indians.

    Thx & Keep in touch….

  2. vimal vinod singh says:

    I am a private teacher & tutor,
    male 35 yr old living in my own house .
    Father of one boy 9 months young & one daughter 5 year .
    Please suggest me
    what should i do to cover my future finance needs ,

    My present financial status is as follows==*

    Annual income 3,50,000

    Agricultre’s income 50,000

    Owner of one bike

    but likly wanted to buy a car

    investment as follows

    1=Lic bimagold 3,000 per yr (sum
    assurd 50,000) for 16 yr

    2=Lic marketplus 20,000 single premium(sum assured 1 lakh)

    3=Lic moneyplus 10,000 single premium
    Sum assured 1lakh
    4=Maxnewyork life SIPS penson plan
    15,000 pr yr sum assured 1.5 lakh

    5=ICICIPRU LIFE SMARTKID RICH 2 PLAN 15,000 pr yr sum asurred 1.5lakh

    6=Reliance life health plan 6500 pr yr (covering 2 lakh for me & wife)

    7=UTIMF DYF growth SIP 1000 started nov 2011

    8=HDFC TOP200 SIP 1000 started feb 2012

    9=Bank RD 500 started feb 2010

    10=Sbi PPF account just opend
    with 1000 feb 2012

    11=Sbi 999 days FD 20,000

    MY GOAL AT THE AGE 55 yr

    1=In saving account 20,00,000

    2=for son 50,00,000

    3=for daughter 50,00,000

    4= for extra expenses 50,00,000

    Plz suggest me how to achieve this.

    I am trying to increase
    my income and i can bcoz i will do it

    Sir plz rply me.

    • Hi – Can you let me know your monthly savings and what intermediate goals you are looking at between now and 20 years.

      At a first look you are clearly under insured but I will draw a detailed plan for you once you revert with the above.

  3. Ashwin says:

    Thanks for writing in the blog to help looking to get help for their financial planning. I appreciate your writing skills. You are very clear & concise about the topic and hit the nail on the head.

    I will eagerly wait for your new entries and I hope they will surely help me and others for their queries.



    • Ashwin – Thanks much. Such encouraging comments are the ones that keep me going. Do keep them coming while I strive to provide very high quality articles in the personal finance space.

  4. Vikrant says:

    This is a brilliant blog covering every aspect in detail. Anand, its truly great to manage your day job and then able to help the ignorant in terms of FP guys like me.
    I have sent a mail to your admin mail ID. Please guide me.

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  6. Dhruv Upadhyay says:

    Women (Mahila Mata) Financing:

    India is a country which consist of approximately 48% of population which are women’s (Indian women) which may incidentally or specifically known as “Matee..” or “NARI’S” and we also witnessed a revolution of independence among them in past 10 years which is surprisingly the best but when it comes to investment decision they suddenly takes a backseat as the people have ordinary perceptions that “women don’t understand numbers”, “women cannot manage money” or may be a bit weak in understanding fine prints.. but the truth is that women are smarter of all races and I believe is anything but this…women can not only be good investors they even have a natural advantage over men when it comes to investments it’s a broad generalization, I agree, and there will be exceptions but based on my observations over the couple of years , I feel women not only have an instinct for numbers they are more security oriented as they have a long term view of things; they know how to use money effectively and they are amazingly good at nurturing. And that makes them a good investor..!!!

    Will it needs an explanations…

    In most of indian homes, the daily expenses are managed by a women, usually by wife, mother or by a DEVI. So in other words it means Running a house is an easy task oops sorry… ‘not an easy task’ as it involves buying the right quantities of each and every ingredient at right price ,at right time and at right place ensuring that the family keeps healthy, making sure all day to day bills are taken care of , and at the end of the month, being able to keep some money aside for emergencies. The housewife does this skillfully even as inflation rates varies, where prices of some essentials follows the rocket speed and household income fluctuate. Did someone says women can’t handle money..???

    Women are generally more security conscious than men as they prefer to follow rules and walk along the path of safety rather than some sort of adventure. Unlike men or a monkey, who may jump into manipulative schemes even if the details are sketchy, most women will hesitate to make a commitment unless and until they are completely sure of…hence women also have instinct for nurturing. Whether it is babies or pets or plants- somehow, things thrive in their care. It could be the patience they are blessed with or their sincere interest in even the most seemingly insignificant of things. The same is the case with investment most women are able to nurture even the smallest amounts converting into something meaningful….!!

    (Note: Must Read By Every Women, If They Are Women)

    Written By:
    Mr. Dhruv Upadhyay (K Insurance & Investment solutions)

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