Just Grow My Money

Welcome to your Financial Independence. This is not just another personal finance website. It is built on strong ethics and with no conflict of interests.

Our vision: Increase financial literacy in India, help you improve your personal finances by virtue of astute financial planning and provide cutting edge unbiased stock research.

With over a decade of consulting experience in personal financial advice, budgeting, financial planning I have learned that anyone can attain financial freedom by following a simple set of rules and by sticking to those rules. However, it is not a magic formula.

I am a Certified Personal Financial Adviser (CPFA). By understanding the basic financial concepts I cover and taking the financial advice I offer for your personal finances, you have a good chance of building wealth, saving money and of succeeding financially.

You can use this blog in 2 ways – one for personal financial advice for overall wealth management and the other for security specific research. The research is backed by very strong data analysis with full disclosure of all conflict of interests based on the highest ethics. Wishing you all good luck in this journey.

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7 Responses to Just Grow My Money

  1. K M Rao says:

    I read the so called professional advices of finance w(l)izards in various magazines and saw many of my friends including myself had lost money. Then I came to the conclusion for throwing money into the drain, I don’t need any “specialist” advice; I myself can do it better!!.

    I believe in the present Indian conditions, land is the best avenue for investment, second best is gold and diamonds and the third is flat in a good growing locality in a metro and stocks & MFs – a BIG NO. Though I could feel certain degree of honesty in your writing, personally I am of the view that analysis will be accurate only if the data is accurate and it does involve certain assumptions which sometimes tend to be person specific depending upon his ” experience”. From the fact that even the big companies are resorting to fudge their figures, it is too risky for a small investor even to think of entering stock market. I read few years back in TOI that on South Korean stock exchange, a parrot was found better than many of the financial wizards in identifying good stocks!! So much about the stock analysis!!. My simple question is if investment in stocks is so attractive, why the percentage of small investors in Indian stock markets is minuscule and just stagnating.

    • aamaadmi says:

      Land is definitely a good investment but one should also understand the risks involved in it. Same piece of land is sold to dozens of people by fraudsters. Land gets occupied by thugs and quite often people are helpless and will have to surrender their lands. In a country like India , where legal framework is very weak , buying of land comes with a very definite risk. One should not forget that.

    • Thanks for taking your time to comment here.

      As aamaadmi put it Land investment is fraught with risk due to the weak legal framework in our nation. Gold as ETFs or bars is an investment, however jewelleery is not. Buying diamonds need a lot of acumen and ‘sight’ for the stone. Apart from this the liquidity is a major issue when you want to raise cash in an emergency, especially real estate. I an not saying that your strategies do not work at all. It sure may be working effectively for you but may not be applicable for a significant number of the population because of the afore mentioned reasons.

      One of the intents of this blog is to educate people that not every recomendation they see in print/online media need to be true. Lets say that someone recommends stock XYZ will rise 40% in 2 weeks. I mean, if they are so confident why would they ever sell such information. If I were them, and I am so confident, I would even take a personal loan, leverage as much as possible and take positions! If only I know where the markets will be in 2 weeks!! Fudging statements here and there most mayhappen but then it is not enough reason to shun the markets. Really speaking some MFs have been around for about 15 years and have returned way above the Index and real estate, This is no mean achievement. Real estate as an asset must be part of everyone’s portfolio at least to get a roof over your head. Beyond that it is one’s personal preferece to invest more, considering liuidity and other factors!


    I agree with what you have said.Moreover, investing in property involves a lot of money with a large proportion of it in cash. In my opinion only people with a lot of unaccounted money can think of investing in property.Honest taxpayers can not think of buying property without taking a bank loan.

    • Mostly yes. Some HNIs by virtue of them being in high paying jobs and the cash flow they enjoy sometimes indulge in buying and selling property, by leveraging. More often than not they have ended up burning their fingers. If only they have diligently pushed such money into the stock markets withour trying to time the iliquid property market!

    • K M Rao says:

      I have seen that most of the people who had invested in land has always reaped the benefit, especially if they had bought in the outskirts of cities / towns. The investment depends upon the size of plot and certainly within the reach of many people. I agree liquidity may be a problem. However, the same solution / investment venue is not applicable to everyone and for all situations. At least we are sure of the principal amount unlike stocks.

      • ANIL KUMAR KAPILA says:

        Nobody can deny that land is a very important asset class and equity is not everybody’s cup of tea. I also know a lot of people who are making good amount of money by buying and selling land.We know that land is precious and its value is bound to increase with time. In fact this is an asset class in which a lot of unaccounted money is parked.If one has appetite for risk and a lot of surplus cash then this is a very good investment.For people with limited money mutual funds provide a good route for entering the market.

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